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a) friendly
b) to do something without thinking
c) to hold back
d) brief and to the point

DEPICT means
a) to provide a detailed description
b) to make stand out
c) to hold back
d) a gloomy state of mind

BRASH means
a) to do something without giving it a lot of thought
b) being friendly
c) to make stand out
d) unbelievable

a) absolutely necessary
b) to help others
c) to describe something in detail
d) brief and to the point

a) to feel gloomy
b) to be brief and to the point
c) to hold back
d) absolutely necessary

a) to hold back
b) unbelievable
c) brief and to the point
d) gloomy state of mind

a) unbelievable
b) absolutely necessary
c) helping others
d) a friendly personality

a) to stand out
b) enjoying helping others
c) having a friendly personality
d) to hold back

a) enjoying helping others
b) brief and to the point
c) absolutely necessary
d) to hold back

a) brief and to the point
b) to hold back
c) unbelievable
d) to make stand out

Which might an amiable person do?
a) Sit with a new student at lunch to help them feel better about not knowing anyone.
b) Cry a lot.
c) Draw pictures of everything he is thinking about.
d) Yell at someone for accidentally bumping into them in the hallway.

In what class are you likely to make the most DEPICTIONS? (Depiction is a form of the word depict.)
a) Art class
b) Math Class
c) Science Class
d) Social Studies Class

What might happen if you make a brash decision?
a) You regret it because you didn't think about the consequences first.
b) You are happy about the amount of time you spent researching your decision.
c) You are awarded for your efforts in taking time to think through the problem.
d) You might want to help others learn to make brash decisions as well.

Which of the following are IMPERATIVE if you want to drive a car?
a) a driver's license
b) passengers
c) money
d) a radio

Which of the following would be likely to make someone MELANCHOLY?
a) Learning their best friend is moving away
b) Receiving $100 as a birthday gift
c) Making the honor roll
d) Learning to speak a new language

Why might you need to CONSTRAIN your laughter?
a) Your mom is yelling at you and if you don't constrain your laughter she will get more mad.
b) You are watching a comedian and want to constrain your laughter to show him you enjoy his jokes.
c) Your teacher told a funny joke and you want her to know you liked it.
d) Your friends did something silly and you want to let them know you saw it.

Which of the following would be INCREDULOUS if it happened during the school day?
a) All of the teachers fell asleep in their classrooms while the students did whatever they wanted to do
b) Two teachers gave a test on the same day
c) A student got in trouble for talking in class
d) A student spilled milk during lunch

How could you ACCENTUATE your name on your paper?
a) Highlight it
b) Write it in white ink
c) Write it in light pencil
d) Leave it off of your paper

What is something a BENEVOLENT person might do if he won the lottery?
a) Buy toys for all the kids in his neighborhood
b) Buy a new car
c) Go on vacation
d) Buy a new house

Which of the following assignments should be written CONCISELY?
a) A book summary
b) An autobiography
c) A research paper
d) A story about a creepy cabin in the woods

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