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Which of the following is not true of a Motherboard?
a) also called a system board
b) has a CPU socket
c) has a heat sink on the PCIe slots
d) has slots for DIMMs

Which power supply connector is the main motherboard power connector on most motherboards today?
a) 20-pin
b) 8 -pin
c) 24-pin
d) 15-pin

If you have a PCI Express Version 2 video card, how many pins will the power connector have if the card requires extra power?
a) 4
b) 2
c) 5
d) 8

Which unit of electricity measures electrical force and 115 is a common value?
a) Amp
b) Ohm
c) Volt
d) Watt

Which unit of electricity measures is used to measure the power consumption of a device?
a) Amp
b) Ohm
c) Volt
d) Watt

Which type of electrical current is used to transmit electricity to our homes and workplaces?
a) alternating
b) direct
c) hybrid
d) oscillating

Fast expansion slot found on a motherboard
a) AGP
b) PCIe
c) PCI
d) Display port

A series of test performed by the startup BIOS when you first turn on your computer
a) CPU
b) ROM

A Type of memory found on a motherboard
c) Heat sink
d) PCIe

Which type of port transmits both audio and digital video with a single connector?
a) S-Video
b) DVI
d) VGA

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