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What is the default Photoshop file type?
a) PNG
b) PSD
c) JPG
d) GIF

Which menu do you use to rotate an image?
a) Image - Size
b) Image - Rotation
c) Layer - Size
d) Layer - Rotation

Which menu do you use to resize an image?
a) Image - Size
b) File - Size
c) Layer - Size
d) Window - Size

Which two tools are used to crop in Photoshop?
a) Crop Tool and Eraser Tool
b) Crop Tool and Rectangle Tool
c) Crop Tool and Rectangular Marquee Tool
d) Crop Tool and Move Tool

If you don't use the Crop Tool to crop, then after making the selection which menu do you click on to crop?
a) Image
b) File
c) Layer
d) Window

If you are wanting to remove unwanted parts of an image, what are you actually wanting to do?
a) Crop the image
b) Resize the image
c) Rotate the image
d) Save the image

All of the following formats can be opened and edited with Photoshop EXCEPT
a) JPG
b) DOC
c) PNG
d) PSD

What is the shortcut to zoom in on a mac?
a) Command -
b) Command Z
c) Command +
d) Command K

Which file format preserves layer information so that it can be re-edited in Photoshop?
a) PNG
b) PSD
c) GIF
d) JPG

Which file type can ONLY be opened in Photoshop?
a) PNG
b) PSD
c) JPG
d) GIF

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