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Which of the following would have the least effect on the size of a mouse population?
a) a food supply
b) number of producers
c) rate of reproduction
d) decomposers

Organisms are classified as producers or consumer based on
a) how they obtain food
b) their habitat
c) their size
d) when they are active

Decomposer are best described as
a) plants that make their own food
b) dead plants or animals
c) organisms that decay dead organisms
d) plants that live on other organisms

All of the following are part of an organism's non-living environment except
a) soil
b) water
c) plants
d) light

The bottom level of energy pyramid always represent
a) the earth
b) producers
c) predators
d) decomposers

A robin and a wren have different niches because
a) both are producers
b) both eat worms and insects
c) one is consumer the other a producer
d) they get their food in different ways

Producers are important because they
a) are at the end of the food chain
b) uses the suns energy to make food
c) eat dead plants and animals
d) they are omnivores

A food chain shows
a) how much food an animal eats
b) the transfer of energy from one organism to another
c) how plants make food
d) an amount of energy in a community

An ecosystem is the interaction between
a) living things
b) non-living things
c) different climates
d) a community and the non-living environment

The amount of sunlight in an area effects
a) temperature
b) types of plants that grow
c) amount that photosynthesis that occurs
d) all of the above

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