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In terms of formats and codecs, the file is referred to as?
a) bin
b) file
c) text
d) wrapper

In terms of formats and codecs, the codec is referred to as?
a) bin
b) essence
c) file
d) folder

When Premiere Pro captures from cameras or renders your effects, new media files are created as _________ disks?
a) base
b) edited
c) home
d) scratch

Which of the following video formats counts frames in hours, minutes, seconds and frames?
a) Feet + frames 16MM
b) Feet + frames 35MM
c) frames
d) timecode

When special effects are combined with your original video and played immediately, this is called:
a) instant playback
b) general playback
c) real-time playback
d) scratch playback

How should you choose a sequence present?
a) match your output format
b) match your source format
c) only match video
d) only match audio

The downside to rendering is that it takes __________ space on your hard drive, and it takes _________.
a) less, effect
b) extra, time
c) more, less
d) project, memory

When Premiere Pro cannot show every single frame for each second this is called ___________ frames.
a) dropping
b) instant
c) longer
d) real

A project file has at least one ______________.
a) edit
b) file
c) project
d) sequence

When a camera records video, each picture is called a ________ and is measured in fps.
a) feet
b) file
c) frame
d) format

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