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A satellite image of a hurricane helps weather forecasters to
a) warn residents of hazardous weather conditions
b) explain the effects of global warming on the ocean currents
c) predict the times of high tide and low tide
d) predict the total number of storms to occur in one year

I am trying to clean my bathroom because it has mold. I was told to use Oxy Clean to get rid of it. I use Oxy Clean on half of the bathroom and water on the other half. The control is
a) Water
b) Oxy Clean
c) The bathroom
d) Me

Which of the following would make sure experimental results were valid?
a) Add bias
b) Communicate uncertain results
c) Pick two hypotheses
d) Conduct multiple trials

Observing is what you can
a) See, hear, smell, taste and feel
b) Throw
c) See and hear
d) Taste and feel

Which of the following is a quantitative observation?
a) My foot length is 26 cm
b) Chemistry is an easy subject
c) The flame is flickering
d) My eyes are blue

Homer's shower is covered in green slime. He sprays half of the shower with coconut oil and the other half with water to see what works better at getting rid of the slime. What is the Independent Variable in Homer's experiment?
a) Water
b) Slime
c) Coconut oil
d) His shower

What are the variables that do not change during each trial of an experiment?
a) Independent
b) Dependent
c) Control
d) Constants

What is the variable the experimenter is testing and changing?
a) Independent
b) Dependent
c) Control
d) Constants

A scientist put lime at the base of sunflower plant A and baking soda at the base of sunflower plant B. Sunflower plant A died, and sunflower plant B stayed healthy. What is the dependent variable?
a) They type of plant
b) The response fo the plants to each substance
c) The substance at the base of each plant
d) What the plants were grown in

Scientists test a hypothesis by
a) Formulating questions
b) Designing models
c) Doing experiments
d) Drawing conclusions

A weather map is an example of a
a) Variable
b) Theory
c) Model
d) Conclusion

When a scientist shares his or her findings with other scientists, the scientist is
a) Theorizing
b) Hypothesizing
c) Experimenting
d) Communicating

When you decide whether or not the data support the original hypothesis, you are
a) Making an inference
b) Drawing a conclusion
c) Making an observation
d) Posing a question

Your friends return form a kayak trip and they are dripping wet. What inference might you make?
a) They are skillful at kayaking
b) They are tired
c) Their clothes are wet
d) Their canoe tipped over

Measurements of the number of leaves of various plants in an experiment are called
a) Inquiries
b) Theories
c) Data
d) Inferences

What skill is a scientist using when she listens to the sounds a lion makes?
a) Drawing conclusions
b) Making observations
c) Developing hypotheses
d) Drawing conclusions

What characteristic must be true of a good hypothesis?
a) It must be testable by observation or experiment
b) It must involve quantitative data
c) It must have been observed many times
d) It must be correct

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