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Information gathered using the 5 senses
a) observation
b) inference
c) compounds
d) elements

This occurs when a substance changes its state or when a materialis broken into smaller pieces or combined into larger ones
a) physical change
b) chemical change
c) chemical property
d) breakage

A blending of two or more substances without chemical bonding or other chemical change,
a) mixture
b) compound
c) family
d) molecule

The smallest particle of an element or compound that displays the properties of the substance in quantity
a) molecule
b) element
c) family
d) atom

The relationship between the mass and volume of a subtance.
a) density
b) chemical property
c) corrosivity
d) mixture

A specific result of a test with a chemical reagent.
a) chemical property
b) formula
c) mixture
d) density

A collection of atoms of one type that cannot be decomposed into any simpler units except by spontaneously changing into other units by radioactive processes
a) element
b) compound
c) family
d) molecule

A grouping of elements based on similar chemical properties
a) family
b) compound
c) atom
d) molecule

A homogeneous, pure substance composed of two or more essentially different elements that are chemically combined
a) compound
b) mixture
c) family
d) atom

The basic structural unit of matter; smallest particle of an element that can enter into a reaction
a) atom
b) element
c) family
d) compound

A shorthand notation to describe elements and their reactions
a) chemical formula
b) familt
c) element
d) compound

The average mass of atoms of an element
a) atomic mass
b) family
c) compound
d) chemical formula

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