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something that has many knots and bumpy areas on its surface
a) gnarly
b) hank
c) ravine
d) hank

a small brook or stream, we would call it a creek
a) ravine
b) lake
c) rivulet
d) river

concerned with a particular thing; also, precise or exact
a) specific
b) evident
c) indicate
d) haole

an overhanging or extremely steep area of rock
a) gnarly
b) ravine
c) precipice
d) factor

something that will fall, pour, or rush in stages, like a waterfall over steep rocks
a) pour
b) cascade
c) rivulet
d) hank

alike in appearance or nature , though not identical; having features that are the same
a) precipice
b) specific
c) evident
d) similar

someone or something that has an effect on an event, a process, or a situation
a) specific
b) cascade
c) factor
d) evident

starting to decay and fall apart
a) decomposing
b) precipice
c) gnarly
d) hank

in Hawaii, a white person or non-native Hawaiian
a) hawaiian
b) haole
c) hank
d) hydrate

easily seen or understood, obvious
a) specific
b) similar
c) evident
d) cascade

a deep, narrow valley made by running water
a) intricate
b) rivulet
c) ravine
d) gnarly

a coiled or looped bundle of something such as a rope or yarn
a) rivulet
b) factor
c) precipice
d) hank

concerned with a particular thing; also precise or exact
a) evident
b) indicate
c) similar
d) gnarly

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