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Food webs show
a) feeding relationships
b) two of these
c) energy flow
d) biomass

The place where an organism usually lives is a
a) cave
b) life style
c) niche
d) habitat

a) increses from producers to consumers
b) none of these
c) changes according to energy needs
d) decreases from producers to consumers

The recycling of nutrients in a community would stop if we removed all
a) animals
b) producers
c) bacteria
d) consumers

A deer, which eats only plants, is a (n)
a) omnivore
b) decomposer
c) carnivore
d) herbivore

A large geographical area identified by its plants, animals, and climate is known as
a) an ecosystem
b) a biosphere
c) a population
d) a biome

Organisms that are carnivores, herbivore or omnivore
a) consumer
b) producer
c) biome
d) habitat

organisms which are plants
a) producer
b) consumer
c) habitat
d) biome

The area in which an organism lives
a) habitat
b) biome
c) consumer
d) producer

Organisms which return nutrients to the ecosystem
a) decomposer
b) predator
c) prey
d) scavenger

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