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You push a block with a force of 15N East. Your mom comes and pushes the same block with a force of 10N west. What is the net force on the block
a) 25N East
b) 25N West
c) 5N East
d) 5N West

You push a block with a force of 10N to the left. I help and also push with a force of 10N to the left what is the total net force on the block
a) 0N left
b) 20N left
c) 20N right
d) 100N left

You push a block to the right, what direction does friction push
a) left
b) right
c) up
d) down

which has more friction? pushing a block on tile or pushing a block on carpet
a) tile
b) carpet
c) they are both the same

a car accelerates from 30m/s to 40m/s in 10sec what is your rate of acceleration
a) 10m/s
b) 1m/s
c) 70m/s
d) 120m/s

a car goes from 45m/s to 30m/s in 5seconds what is its rate of acceleration
a) 3m/s
b) 12m/s
c) -3m/s
d) -12m/s

which weighs more a jar of MnMs on the moon or on earth
a) Moon
b) Earth
c) they'd be the same

which has more mass. a jar of MnMs on Earth or the Moon
a) earth
b) moon
c) the same

If the sun were to dissapear what direction would the earth move
a) spiral inward
b) spiral outward
c) stop moving
d) go in a straight line

you ride your bike to your friends house averaging 15mph at any point in time, how fast are you going
a) 15mph
b) less than 15mph
c) more than 15mph
d) all of the above

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