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a) someone who is just starting to learn something
b) someone who never finishes anything
c) someone who watches without participating
d) someone who is not comfortable around water

a) someone who works in politics
b) someone who is eligible to voter
c) someone who studies government
d) someone who works with the public

a) someone who translates on language to another
b) someone who conducts interviews
c) someone who awards scientific discoveries
d) someone who transitions from one job to another

a) someone who plays the piano
b) someone who teaches music lessons
c) someone who enjoys listening to musice
d) someone who makes a piano

culprit: When Anthony saw the raccoon next to the overturned trash can, he realized the animal was the culprit.
a) offencer
b) suspect
c) target
d) bully

mentor: Mike's boss and mentor help him succeed at work.
a) advisor
b) referee
c) aide
d) friend

miraculous: Megan made a miraculous recovery from her bicycle accident.
a) amazing
b) sudden
c) expected
d) painful

employed: Tamar employed the new stroke technique in her swimming practice.
a) used
b) hired
c) spent
d) tested

Contested: The issues in the debate were passionately contested.
a) disputed
b) played
c) agreed upon
d) won

a) someone who lives in a certain place
b) someone who attends college
c) someone who lives with others
d) someone who moves to a new place

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