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Torah:Judaism = _________:Islam
a) Quran
b) Bible
c) Talmud
d) Muhammad

Muslims consider the Qur'an the greatest written work in Arabic mainly because it?
a) is believed to be the word of Allah.
b) it tells of Muhammads life
c) protects The Peoples Book
d) establishes a system of law known as Shariah Law

did the Jewish view of God differ from the beliefs of most people in the ancient world?
a) Jews believed in only one God
b) Jews believed in one main god with several minor gods and goddesses
c) Jews believed in many gods who shared equal power in the heavens..
d) Jews believed in no gods, but believed in sacred spirits in all of nature

How are the religions of the Persians and Kurds diverse?
a) Kurds are Sunni Muslims and most Persians are Shiite Muslims.
b) Most Persians practice Islam and most Kurds are Jewish
c) Most Persians practice Judaism and most Kurds are Muslim.
d) Most Kurds are Shiite Muslims and most Persians are Sunni Muslims.

split into Sunni and Shia divisions of Islam can be traced to
a) a dispute over the question of Muhammad's successor.
b) the reluctance of kings to submit to the will of Islam
c) a loss of territory to religious rebels in Arabia.
d) the failure to defeat invading forces from Persia.

What religion is not only practiced today but also served as the foundation for both Christianity and Islam?
a) Judaism
b) Buddhism
c) HInduism
d) Taoism

Give charity to the needy. • Make a pilgrimage. • Fasting during the holy month. • Pray five times each day.
a) Islam
b) Christianity
c) Buddhism
d) Taoism

Monotheism is the religious belief in
a) one God
b) peace
c) tolerance
d) one culture

Which of these BEST explains the importance of Judaism in World History?
a) It was the first major monotheistic faith in the world.
b) It became the dominant religion in medieval Europe.
c) There is no central leader of Judaism as in Christianity.
d) Both Hinduism and Buddhism developed from early Judaism.

Why did the Turkey cross the road
a) Because Arabia was chasing it (Saudi Arabia)
b) Because I ran (Iran)
c) Because I raq (Iraq)
d) Because Itz Real (Israel)

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