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Which of the following is a network designed to a serve a town or city?
a) Local Area Network (LAN)
b) Wide Area Network (WAN)
c) Rural Area Network (RAN)
d) Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

Networks enable users to do all EXCEPT which of the following?
a) search the internet and view websites
b) exchange commands
c) share files and resources
d) send messages electronically

Joe's computer crashed and now he is looking for a replacement. Which of the following criteria is the least important?
a) color
b) money
c) RAM
d) usage

In a PC, which of the following components stores the BIOS?
a) ROM
b) RAM
c) CPU
d) hard drive

Eric's computer slows down when he opens several computer programs. Why does this happen?
a) Eric has limited RAM space
b) Eric has a small hard drive
c) Eric does not have a powerful video card
d) Eric has a bad ROM

Which of the following software maintenance steps erases gaps caused by deleting files from the hard drive?
a) defragging
b) update system software
c) virus scan
d) installing firewall

Which of the following is an output device?
a) printer
c) touchpad
d) hard drive

Which of the following is NOT one of the four basic operations of a computer?
a) tracking
b) input
c) output
d) storage

Which of the following is an example of system software?
a) Microsoft Windows
b) Microsoft Word
c) Adobe Acrobat
d) Microsoft Office

Which of the following is not an example of application software?
a) word processing software
b) database software
c) system software
d) video editing software

An increase in which of the following is needed for all workers in today's society to receive higher paying jobs?
a) education and training
b) demand for new technology
c) demand for new software
d) higher revenue

Which of the following is a way computers benefit the workplace?
a) increasing professionalism
b) increasing mistakes
c) decreasing productivity
d) higher revenue

Which of the following would be considered a strong password?
a) Br1Gtht!
b) trustno1
c) monkey
d) 123456

How long does copyright last?
a) the lifetime of the copyright owner plus 70 years
b) forever
c) the lifetime of the copyright owner
d) 14 years

Which of the following can NOT be protected by copyright law?
a) an idea
b) a book
c) a song
d) a dance

Which of the following is considered bad digital etiquette or manners?
a) playing music in public without using headphones
b) video calling from an inappropriate location
c) texting during dinner
d) all of these are considered bad digital etiquette

Which country has the highest rate of online piracy?
a) China
b) Canada
c) United States
d) Germany

Which of the following is NOT an example of a web browser?
a) Apple Safari
b) Microsoft Outlook
c) Microsoft Bing
d) Google Chrome

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of the internet?
a) difficult to use
b) easily accessible for anyone across the world
c) visually and graphically appealing
d) provides a large variety of information

What is the main circuit board inside the computer called?
a) Mother board
c) ROM
d) video card

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