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The most important human uses of the ocean.
a) Source of protein
b) Source of natural gasses
c) Source of warfare
d) Source of freshwater

The beginning of oceanography is dated to the ______________,
a) Australian Empire
b) Rise of the United States
c) Challenger Expedition
d) HMS Beagle Voyages

What event began the advancement and government funding of oceanography?
a) Finding of oil
b) Discoveries of passage ways
c) Desires to learn more
d) World War I

In addition to warfare, advancements in oceanography received more funding for _____.
a) finding of rare species
b) drilling for oil
c) commercial fishing
d) curiosity

Which of the following sciences is most likely useful while study oceanography?
a) geology
b) ornithology
c) sociology
d) genetics

A side view is a point of view used in diagrams, also known as _____.
a) view from above
b) map view
c) plane view
d) cross section

A bird's-eye view is a point of view used in diagrams, also known as _____.
a) profile
b) map view
c) side view
d) cross section

The _______ ocean is the smallest and shallowest ocean.
a) Arctic
b) Atlantic
c) Pacific
d) Indian

The __________ ocean is the second largest ocean.
a) Arctic
b) Atlantic
c) Pacific
d) Antarctic

The _________ is mostly in the southern hemisphere.
a) Pacific
b) Atlantic
c) Indian
d) Antarctic

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