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Paul Bunyan and Babe worked together to pull the twists and turns out of a river.
a) True
b) Exaggeration

What do tall tales have in common?
a) Amazing adventures and exaggerations
b) Facts and information
c) Magic and royal characters
d) They teach a lesson

What does the word LEGENDARY mean?
a) A feeling of pride
b) A place to eat ice cream
c) Well-known or famous
d) People who travel from one place to another

Casey Jones is a famous _______.
a) cowboy
b) engineer
c) teacher
d) farmer

Which character could drive a train before he could walk?
a) Pecos Bill
b) John Henry
c) Paul Bunyan
d) Casey Jones

What are FEATS?
a) The things you walk on
b) Achievements or victories that require courage and strength
c) Things that solve problems
d) Difficult tasks and problems

Which character was born with a hammer in his hand?
a) Casey Jones
b) Pecos Bill
c) John Henry
d) Paul Bunyan

Who did John Henry compete against in a steel-driving competition?
a) A steam drill
b) Paul Bunyan
c) The engineer
d) Casey Jones

What does the word TAME mean?
a) To be active
b) To train to obey
c) To talk about
d) To tell a story

Pecos Bill was said to be the greatest ________ that ever lived.
a) hunter
b) lumberjack
c) cowboy
d) railroad worker

What was the name of Paul Bunyan's blue ox?
a) Babe
b) Bell
c) Beauty
d) Bob

Which character was raised by coyotes?
a) Paul Bunyan
b) Casey Jones
c) John Henry
d) Pecos Bill

What does the word ADMIRATION mean?
a) Large or great
b) A deep feeling of respect
c) Not able to separate
d) To admit to something

What job did Paul Bunyan do?
a) He was a lumberjack.
b) He was a farmer.
c) He was a fisherman.
d) He was a cowboy.

Which character slept in a covered wagon for a cradle?
a) Pecos Bill
b) John Henry
c) Paul Bunyan
d) Casey Jones

Families traveled to the west looking for new homes.
a) True
b) Exaggeration

John Henry worked longer and faster than a steam drill.
a) True
b) Exaggeration

Cows will not make milk and chickens will not lay eggs if they hear a train whistle.
a) True
b) Exaggeration

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