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Which of these types of government allows citizens to have the greatest amount of political power?
a) democracy
b) oligarchy
c) absolute monarchy
d) dictatorship

In an autocracy, freedom of speech is usually
a) protected by the government as a civil right.
b) regulated only when it presents a clear and present danger.
c) censored and controlled by the government.
d) guaranteed in the government\'s constitution.

In which system of government do local bodies of government have the LEAST political power?
a) federal
b) oligarchy
c) confederation
d) unitary

Which type of government does the United Kingdom have?
a) Federal republic
b) Presidential democracy
c) Parliamentary democracy
d) Confederation

In the UK, the political party with the largest number of members in the House of Commons chooses the government leader, which is the ________________.
a) Queen
b) Chancellor
c) President
d) Prime Minister

The type of government in which power rests with a small group of people is called a(an) ___________.
a) Oligarchy
b) Federation
c) Autocracy
d) Democracy

How is the government of the UK different from Russia\'s government?
a) In the UK, the legislature elects the leader of the country.
b) In Russia, the legislature elects the leader of the country.
c) Russia has a communist government and the leader is a dictator.
d) In the UK, the people directly elect the leader of the country.

All of the following are benefits of belonging to the European Union EXCEPT:
a) To allow citizens to travel freely among member countries.
b) To tax goods shipped to other member countries.
c) To offer free trade without tariffs.
d) To have a common currency called the euro.

Why is Russia considered to have a federal government system?
a) The central government has most of the power.
b) Power is shared between the central government and several regional governments.
c) There is only one leader who has all of the power.
d) Several regional governments have all of the power and the central government is very weak.

Which system of government does this statement describe:
a) confederation
b) federal system
c) unitary system
d) democracy

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