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Work that is not done correctly, or behavior that can lead to serious injury or death, are examples of a(n) _____.
a) unsafe condition
b) unsafe act
c) direct cost
d) accident

Hard hats, gloves, and safety shoes are examples of _____.
a) occupational hazard equipment
b) personal protective equipment
c) fall protection equipment
d) occupational safety equipment

OSHA defines someone who can identify hazards and unsanitary or dangerous working conditions and who is authorized to take prompt, corrective measures to eliminate them as a(n) _____.
a) competent person
b) general duty
c) on-site supervisor
d) employer

GFCI stands for _____.
a) ground feature circuit interrupter
b) ground failure circuit intrusion
c) ground fault closure intrusion
d) ground fault circuit interrupter

When climbing a ladder, always use both hands and _____.
a) maintain two points of contact
b) keep the ground in sight
c) face the ladder
d) place tools on the step above you

You are performing a task where flying debris may hit your face from any direction.The best choice of eye protection is _____.
a) safety glasses
b) safety goggles
c) tinted lenses
d) side shields

The number of contact points with a ladder that you should maintain when climbing is _____.
a) 3
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) adopts and enforces safety regulations known as _____.
a) standards
b) codes
c) laws
d) guidelines

When using fall protection equipment, never tie off while _____.
a) kneeling
b) suspended
c) leaning
d) staqnding

OSHA has set standards for all of the following criteria except _____.
a) unsafe conditions
b) personal grooming
c) unsafe acts
d) personal fall protection

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