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United around principles of self-government and __, the United States expanded its vision o itsel as it began to explore the potential of the country's unique natural resources.
a) liberty
b) slavery
c) debates
d) loyalty to Britain

Through the middle of the 18th century, the colonists supported Britain __.
a) militarily
b) economically
c) both of the other choices
d) neither o the other choices

When Britain tried to recover the costs o the French and Indian War by taxing the colonists, they __.
a) rebelled
b) paid the taxes
c) joined with the French
d) none of the other choices

When the founders struggled to govern effectively under the Articles of Confederation, they...
a) created our current form of government under the Constitution
b) rebelled
c) wrote the Declaration of Independence
d) worked harder to enforce the laws

The __ __, a new wave o religious enthusiasm, united geographically and culturally diverse colonists
a) Great Awakening
b) Great Revival
c) European Enlightenment
d) Puritan Vision

As the colonists began to question their relationship with Great Britain, many gifted minds turned to...
a) political writing
b) religion
c) the abolition of slavery
d) none of the other choices

Whose key pamphlet titled COMMON SENSE helped moved the colonists to revolution?
a) Thomas Paine
b) Phillis Wheatley
c) Philip Freneau
d) Thomas Jefferson

According to the reading, Thomas Jefferson's greatest contribution to American government and literature is...
a) The Declaration of Independence
b) The Constitution of the United States
c) Common Sense
d) his poetry

Which of the following did NOT help craft the country's most important foundational document (the U.S. Constitution)?
a) Philip Freneau
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) James Madison
d) Alexander Hamilton

Which of the following was NOT a focus of Phillis Wheatley's poetry?
a) harsh criticism of the British
b) natural rights of African Americans
c) the discrepancy between the colonists' cry for liberty and their enslavement of fellow human beings
d) none of the other choices

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