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Oil became high in demand when......
a) cars became cheaper
b) plastic was invented
c) it was first found
d) it is not in demand

OPEC controls about ______ of the world's oil
a) 50%
b) 80%
c) 25%
d) 100%

Oil was found in the Middle East in.....
a) early 1700
b) early 1800
c) early 1900
d) early 2000

What Middle Eastern country has the most oil?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Kuwait
c) Iraq
d) Jordan

Oil is made
a) when fossils are buried under the water and pressure occurs over millions of years
b) when scientists mix chemicals
c) when gas and petroleum are mixed together
d) only in the Middle East

a) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
b) A gas station that sells oil in the mIddle East
c) Oil Petroleum Exporting Cash
d) Organization of Petroleum Extracting Countries

Most nomads use this method to help with water.
a) conservation/ration
b) desalination
c) water pipes
d) rain shadows

water is scarce in the Middle East due to...
a) droughts
b) overuse
c) people wasting it
d) people showering too long

Aquifers are....
a) underground water
b) water that has salt in it
c) water that has been desalinated
d) another name for a dam

Desalination is ....
a) the removal of salt from sea water
b) the removal of salt from river water
c) adding salt to water
d) digging for water

Oil's negative impact is that it leads to
a) wars
b) religions getting smaller
c) water being rationed
d) people not getting jobs

Another word for oil is
a) petroleum
b) gasoline
c) aloe
d) fossils

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