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Harry Hess proposed that new crust is forming at mid-ocean ridges, what was the name of his theory?
a) Continental Drift Theory
b) Plate Tectonics Theory
c) Sea-Floor Spreading
d) Convection Currents Theory

What is the name of the scientist that came up with the Continental Drift Theory?
a) Harry Hess
b) Albert Einstein
c) Alfred Wegener
d) Megan Shelburne

Which of the following could be the labels for an organism within an food web?
a) Producer, Consumer, Herbivore
b) Autotroph, Primary Consumer, Predator, Prey
c) Heterotroph, Primary Consumer, Carnivore
d) Heterotroph, Consumer, Herbivore, Prey, Host

Within a food web can an organism serve as both a primary and secondary consumer?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Depends on the type of food web
d) Depends on where the organism is located in the food web

An example of a parasite/host relationship is ______________.
a) Cow - Human
b) Grass - Cow
c) Deer - Tick
d) Tick - Deer

Phytoplankton is a producer for which type of food web?
a) Terrestrial
b) Marine
c) Freshwater

Another name for a producer is ___________.
a) Autotroph
b) Heterotroph
c) Decomposer
d) Photophlymn

Another name for a consumer is ___________.
a) Autotroph
b) Heterotroph
c) Producer
d) Consumerator

The type of organism that gets its energy from consuming herbivores is ______
a) Primary Consumer
b) Secondary Consumer
c) Tertiary Consumer
d) Decomposer

Why do hurricanes die down once they approach land?
a) hurricanes are scared of people
b) The supply of warm moist air increases
c) The supply of warm moist air decreases
d) There is not as much wind over land

What type of weather is generally associated with a low pressure system?
a) Cloudy and rainy
b) Clear and cold
c) Sunny and hot
d) Partly cloudy and warm

What type of weather is generally associated with warm fronts?
a) Warm temperatures and no precipitation
b) Warm temperatures and light precipitation
c) Cold temperatures and light precipitation
d) Cold temperatures and thunderstorms

The symbol of a cold front on a weather map is _______
a) Red half circles
b) Blue triangles
c) Both red half circles and blue triangles
d) None of the above

What are the main ingredients for hurricane formation?
a) warm ocean water, hot humid air, and wind
b) warm ocean water, dry air, and wind
c) cool ocean water, cool air, and wind
d) cool ocean water, hot humid air, and wind

San Diego and Dallas are located about the same degrees latitude. Why is San Diego generally cooler than Dallas?
a) There is a warm ocean current off the coast of San Diego
b) There is a cold ocean current off the coast of San Diego
c) Dallas is closer to the north pole
d) None of the above

Which of the following is a positive way humans are affecting the ocean?
a) Runoff
b) Overfishing
c) Floating Garbage
d) Artificial Reefs

Some cities are located along a shoreline that has a warm ocean current next to it. What type of weather can you expect in that city?
a) Warmer than expected
b) Colder than expected
c) No change from normal
d) The temperature will vary depending on the day of week

Wind is caused by
a) A cloud forming
b) Mr. Freeze exhaling
c) Convection Currents
d) Water evaporating

What is the ultimate source of thermal energy on Earth?
a) Sun
b) Stove
c) House Fire
d) Forest Fire

The transfer of heat through a liquid or gas is called?
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Radiation

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