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Although brick, steel, and glass all come from substances found in Earth's crust, they are not classified as minerals because
a) They are organic
b) they are too hard
c) they are not naturally occurring
d) they have many uses

Why is coal not a mineral?
a) it is organic
b) it is too hard
c) not naturally occuring
d) it has many uses

How many minerals have been discovered?
a) 3,800
b) 8,300
c) 38,000
d) 83,000

The softest mineral known is
a) quartz
b) apatite
c) talc
d) gypsum

Which of the following is not a special property of some minerals?
a) Magnetism
b) florescence
c) reactivity
d) radioactivity

A mineral is _________ meaning that it contain mineral that are non living, or never from a living thing.
a) Solid
b) Luster
c) Inorganic
d) Density

_________ is the color of a mineral in its powder form.
a) Streak
b) Luster
c) Hardness
d) Cleavage

The __________ ranks 10 minerals in order from softest to hardest.
a) Diamond
b) Talc
c) Density
d) Mohs Hardness Scale

The repeating pattern of a mineral's particles forms a solid called a
a) Crystal
b) Luster
c) Solid
d) Fracture

_________ is the mass in a given space.
a) Color
b) Density
c) Hardness
d) Mineral

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