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A traveling show that is often performed in a tent and that typically includes trained animals, clowns, acrobats, etc
a) Circum
b) Circumlocution
c) Circus
d) Circumspect

Fill in the blank. The dentist said that he would have to remove the _____________ on the left side of my jaw.
a) molars
b) bicuspid
c) canines
d) biteeth

The criminal's plan was to avoid going through security to get on the train by creating a devious plan. What was the criminal trying to do?
a) circumnavigate
b) circumvent
c) avoid
d) circumolocution

To travel all the way around something in a ship, airplane, etc.
a) Circumlocution
b) Circumspect
c) Circumnavigate
d) Circumvent

Thinking carefully about possible risks before doing or saying something
a) Circumspect
b) Circumvent
c) Circumference
d) Circumnavigate

To get around something in a clever and sometimes dishonest way
a) Circumnavigate
b) Circumlocution
c) Circumspect
d) Circumvent

The use of many words to say something that could have been said using more direct words
a) Circumnavigate
b) Circumvent
c) Circumlocution
d) Circumspect

Involving or desinged for both eyes
a) Binoculars
b) Glasses
c) Ocular
d) Binocular

Either of the two teeth with double points on each side of each jaw of a person
a) Bicuspid
b) Bicanine
c) Bimolar
d) Molar

a) Spinning
b) Around
c) Rectangular
d) Never-ending

The meetings are held every two months, this means that the meetings are
a) Bi-weekly
b) Regular
c) Bi-monthly
d) Sequential

a) A vehicle with two wheels and is propelled by a motor
b) A vehicle with two wheels tandem, handlebars for steering, a saddle seat, and a control panel by which it is propelled
c) A vehicle with two or more wheels, handlebars, saddle seats, and a motor by which it is propelled
d) A vehicle with two wheels tandem, handkebars, a saddle seat, and pedals by which it is propelled

a) Bio
b) Bi
c) Ante
d) Deuce

Involving two groups, having two sides
a) Bilingual
b) Biosphere
c) Bilateral
d) Multiply

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