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The tissue was removed during the ___________ in order to see if it had any cancerous cells.
a) biopsy
b) biology
c) biologist
d) biospheric

A _________________ diet is one that focuses on the person eating natural foods.
a) simple
b) macrobiotic
c) antibiotic
d) biopsy

The ____________ helped the boy recover from the brain eating infection.
a) antibacterial
b) antimedicine
c) antibiotic
d) anticlimax

Fill in the blank. The ------ is researching black beats.
a) biology
b) biopsy
c) biologist
d) biosphere

The doctor studies neurobiology, therefore he is studying the
a) circulatory system, heart
b) nervous system, brain
c) respiratory sustem, lungs
d) skeletal system, bones

How two different living organisms live together and depend on each other
a) Biology
b) Symbiosis
c) Culture
d) Biosphere

A person who studies living things
a) Biology
b) Biography
c) Biologist
d) Biosphere

A piece of writing about a person's life written by someone else
a) Biography
b) Autobiography
c) Biopsy
d) Neurobiology

The study of the nervous system of living things
a) Pschology
b) Biography
c) Neurobiology
d) Symbiosis

A piece of writing written by a person about his or her own life
a) Biography
b) Autobiography
c) Narrative
d) Antibiography

The removal of living tissue from the body for further examination
a) Biopsy
b) Antidote
c) Antibiotic
d) Biology

A diet thought to help people live longer because it focuses on natural foods
a) Weight Watchers diet
b) Antibiotic diet
c) Dash diet
d) Macrobiotic diet

A medicine used to save lives
a) Tylenol
b) Antibiotic
c) Biopsy
d) Macrobiotic diet

The study of living things
a) Biologist
b) Biology
c) Biography
d) Autobiography

The zone of planet Earth where life exists
a) Ground
b) Mars
c) Biosphere
d) Biology

__________________ is the relationship between two different living things that shows they are dependent on one another.
a) biopsy
b) biology
c) symbiosis
d) autobiography

A __________________ wanted to study the entire swan population.
a) biology
b) biologist
c) biosphere
d) biopsy

The teacher wanted to write a ________________ about her former students' lives.
a) autobiography
b) biosphere
c) biologist
d) biology

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