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The crying baby drew a long breath.
a) crying
b) drew
c) long
d) no participle

The crouching spider jumped on the man's shoulder.
a) crouching
b) jumped
c) man's
d) no participle

She was crouching in the corner, so she could jump out and scare someone.
a) crouching
b) waiting
c) scare
d) no participle

There was a mangled pair of sunglasses on the ground outside.
a) mangled
b) sunglasses
c) outside
d) no participle

Alyssa held her broken arm carefully as she cried for help.
a) broken
b) carefully
c) cried
d) no participle

The sirens blared a screetching sound in the middle of the night.
a) blared
b) screetching
c) middle
d) no participle

The sound of squealing tires let us know our mom was home.
a) squealing
b) tires
c) mom
d) no participle

The ringing telephone scared me in the middle of the night.
a) ringing
b) middle
c) night
d) no participle

Running with sharp scissors is a bad idea.
a) running
b) sharp
c) bad
d) no participle

There are twenty buzzing bees outside of my window, and I am waiting to get stung.
a) twenty
b) buzzing
c) waiting
d) no participle

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