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What objective do you use to perform the differential on?
a) 10X (low power)
b) 40X (high dry power)
c) oil immersion
d) 4X (scanning power)

All of the following are used to differentiate white blood cells except
a) cell size
b) amount of hemoglobin present
c) nuclear characteristics
d) cytoplasm

All of the following are inclusion bodies in the rbc except
a) basophils
b) basophilic stippling
c) cabot rings
d) howell jolly bodies

All of the following are granulocytes except
a) PMN
b) eosinophil
c) basophil
d) lymphocyte

The function of segmented neutrophils is
a) fight allergic reactions
b) fight parasitic infections
c) fight bacterial infections
d) fight viral infections

The cytoplasm of a lymphocyte is said to be ________ because of the blue color produced
a) basophilic
b) eosinphilic
c) alkaline
d) acidic

What white blood cell has a nucleus that looks like a kidney bean is
a) lymphocyte
b) neutrophil
c) monocyte
d) eosinphil

A person that has an increase in leukocytes and has greater than 30% atypical lymphocytes is most likely being diagnosed with _________
a) bacterial infection
b) mononucleosis
c) viral infection
d) cancer

Sometimes it is normal for a patient to have a reversed count (more lymphocytes than neutrophils). What type of patient would this most likely be?
a) elderly patient as their bone marrow isn't working like it use to
b) an adult female that is menstruating
c) a teenager with a UTI
d) a child under the age of 6

Leukocytosis may be caused by all of the following except
a) stress
b) pain
c) anemia
d) exercise

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