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a) according to
b) good health
c) free time
d) daily life

a) salutations
b) good health
c) of course
d) to work out

el tiempo libre
a) good times
b) free spirit
c) good weather
d) free time

los jóvenes
a) young people/ teenagers
b) old people
c) daily life
d) of course

tengo que
a) I have
b) I have to (do something)
c) I am # years old
d) to say

la vida diaria
a) daily life
b) crazy life
c) fun life
d) diary

por supuesto
a) to return something
b) to spill
c) of course
d) how fun

a) to return something
b) to spill
c) to say
d) to answer

a) to walk
b) to say/ tell
c) to dance
d) to live

a) to return something
b) to leave
c) to go
d) to be

a) to spell
b) to spill
c) to deprive
d) to demolish

El Caribe
a) The sea
b) Pirates of the Caribbean
c) Jamaica
d) The Caribbean

el tiburón
a) dolphin
b) fish
c) whale
d) shark

a) Oh lord!
b) perfume
c) odor/ smell
d) color

a) East
b) West
c) North
d) South

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