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Find the verb in the sentence. (They attended the concert for the weekend.)
a) For
b) Attended
c) Concert
d) They

Find the prepositional in the sentence. (Several cats ran into Robert's garage.)
a) Into
b) Several
c) Garage
d) Robert's

Find the adverb in the following sentence. (The truck driver delivered the packages quickly.)
a) Driver
b) Truck
c) Delievered
d) Quickly

Find the adjective in the sentence. (Fast runners won all of the awards at the meet.)
a) Fast
b) Won
c) At
d) Meet

Find the conjunction in the sentence. ( Sally and Ben ran to the beach.)
a) Ran
b) To
c) And
d) Beach

Find the noun in the sentence. (The diagram was pretty complicated for us.)
a) Diagram
b) Complicated
c) Us
d) Was

Find the interjection. (Hurray! The school day was finally done.)
a) School
b) Finally
c) Hurray
d) Done

Find the pronoun in the sentence. ( He walked down to Sally's house.)
a) He
b) Walked
c) To
d) Sally

Find the preposition. ( Travis went around the fence.)
a) Went
b) Travis
c) Fence
d) Around

Find the verb in this sentence. ( I wanted peanut butter and jelly on my sandwich.)
a) Jelly
b) Peanut
c) I
d) Wanted

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