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She went to the store to get some bread.
a) to the store
b) to get
c) some bread
d) no infinitive

There were police officers checking bags to make sure people weren't carrying weapons.
a) checking
b) to make
c) carrying weaposn
d) no infinitive

After the rain, the gardner had to dump the water out of all the flower pots.
a) after the rain
b) to dump
c) out of
d) no infinitive

He gave the valentine to my sister, and she started laughing.
a) to my sister
b) she started
c) laughing
d) no infinitive

There were too many people at the concert to count.
a) too many
b) at the concert
c) to count
d) no infinitive

He didn't want to get lunch detention, but the teacher gave it to him anyway.
a) to get
b) the teacher
c) to him
d) no infinitive

It is imperative that you follow the rules to stay out of trouble.
a) imperative
b) you follow
c) to stay
d) no infinitive

To win the raffle you have to buy a ticket.
a) to win
b) the raffle
c) a ticket
d) no infinitive

She wanted to give a present to my grandmother, but she gave it to me instead.
a) to give
b) to my grandmother
c) to me
d) no infinitive

If you want to be president, you have to be smart.
a) You want
b) to be
c) you have
d) no infinitive

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