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How were Coahuiletecan similar to the Karankawa?
a) They were mound builders
b) they were primarily buffalo hunters
c) they were nomads along the gulf coast
d) They were mainly farmers who traded with other tribes

Which region did the Jumanos live?
a) great plains
b) coastal plains
c) mountain basin region
d) central plains

Why is Natural Texas and its People considered an era in Texas?
a) It is recognized by American Indians as their only historical era.
b) It is a time that defines Texas Culture today
c) It introduces the first contracts between all native groups and europeans
d) It defines a time for study of both geographic causes and historical effects on Texas history.

Kiowa:craftsmen:: Jumanos : ____________
a) nomads
b) buffalo hunters
c) fisherman
d) traders

In determining the lifestyle of American Indians in early Texas, which of the following would likely provide the Best information?
a) databases and graphs
b) media and news
c) biographies
d) artifacts

Which city is in the North Central Plains?
a) Dallas
b) El Paso
c) Austin
d) Houston

Which city is located in the great plains?
a) Houston
b) Dallas
c) Fort Worth
d) Lubbock

Where is the Red River?
a) North
b) South
c) East
d) West

In which region is city Houston located?
a) Coastal
b) Mountain/ Basin
c) North Central Plains
d) Great Plains

What is the capital of Texas
a) Houston
b) Dallas
c) El Paso
d) Austin

Where is El Paso Located
a) great plain
b) Mountain basin
c) central plains
d) coastal plains

How does the physical environment of Coastal Texas compare with that of the Mountain and Basin region?
a) Coastal Texas has more rivers
b) Coastal Texas has a higher elevation
c) The Mountain and Basin region has more agriculture
d) The Mountain and Basin region has long summers and warm winters

When traveling from east to west across the state of Texas, Which of the following describes the changes in physical geography that occur?
a) The elevation decreases
b) The elevation increases
c) Wide open prairies span all across Texas
d) Canyons and basins turn into coastal plains

What physical feature is common in both the Great Plains and Coastal Plains regions of Texas?
a) Lack of significant water resources
b) Cold winters and hot humid summers
c) Flat land suitable for farming or ranching
d) Major cities with large metropolitan areas

In which region of Texas did the Comanches live?
a) Gulf Coast
b) Mountain and Basin Region
c) East Texas
d) Great Plains

The caddo that originally lived in East Texas were also living in which geographic region?
a) Great Plains
b) Coastal Plains
c) Central Plains
d) Mountain Basin

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