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She was reading the newspaper when I entered the room.
a) reading
b) when
c) entered
d) no gerund

I got tired of sleeping until noon everyday over the summer.
a) tired
b) sleeping
c) everyday
d) no gerund

My sleeping habits are not very good.
a) sleeping
b) habits
c) not
d) no gerund

She was singing in the shower all morning.
a) singing
b) shower
c) morning
d) no gerund

Reading is my favorite thing to do when I have free time.
a) reading
b) favorite
c) thing
d) no gerund

The sirens blared a screetching sound in the middle of the night.
a) blared
b) screetching
c) night
d) no gerund

She wanted to know why nobody was eating her casserole.
a) wanted
b) nobody
c) eating
d) no gerund

The ringing telephone scared me in the middle of the night.
a) ringing
b) telephone
c) scared
d) no gerund

She loves swimming laps around the pool every afternoon.
a) loves
b) swimming
c) laps
d) no gerund

There are twenty buzzing bees outside of my window, and I am waiting to get stung.
a) buzzing
b) waiting
c) stung
d) no gerund

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