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The percentage of students that made an A, B, C, and D on the last test would be displayed best on this type of graph.
a) bar
b) line
c) circle
d) double bar

The y axis will always display the
a) independent variable
b) dependent variable
c) a constant
d) none of these

Which is true of the independent variable when creating or reading a line graph?
a) The independent variable is the most important thing on the graph.
b) The independent variable should be located on the x axis.
c) The independent variable should be located on the y axis.
d) Independent variables aren't displayed on line graphs.

This type of graph is best to use when data needs to be compared.
a) bar
b) circle
c) line
d) pie chart

Students were surveyed and asked their favorite school subject. What graph would be BEST to display this data?
a) circle
b) bar
c) line
d) diagram

Why do scientists use charts and graphs?
a) It makes data easier to read.
b) It makes data more difficult to read.
c) Scientists want their work to appear smarter than it is.
d) Scientists try to confuse normal people.

This type of graph best displays data that can be broken down into percentages of a whole.
a) bar
b) line
c) circle
d) scatter plot

Scientific data may be displayed as
a) charts
b) graphs
c) diagrams
d) all of these

This type of graph is best to use when showing the relationships between 2 variables.
a) bar
b) circle
c) line
d) scatter plot

Which is true if time is a variable to be graphed?
a) It should always be on the y axis.
b) It should always be part of the title.
c) It should always be in increments of 4 minutes.
d) It should usually be on the x axis.

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