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The percentage of packed rbc's in comparison to whole blood
a) hematology
b) hemachromasia
c) hematocrit
d) hemoglobin

The normal hct for an adult female is
a) 42-52%
b) 12-16 g/dL
c) 13-17 g/dL
d) 36-48%

All of the following are medical reasons for a decrease in the hematocrit except
a) polycythemia vera
b) leukemia
c) blood loss
d) anemia

A person living in high altitude will have a(n) _________ hematocrit
a) normal
b) increased
c) the same as a person living in Wisconsin
d) decreased

When collecting a venous sample for hematocrit testing, the blood is transferred into a _______ capillary tube
a) red (heparnized)
b) purple (edta)
c) cloudy
d) blue (plain)

When reading the hct, it is important to read the hct at _____________
a) the top of the red blood cells
b) the bottom of the plasma
c) the top of the plasma
d) the top of the buffy coat

The main constituent of rbc's
a) water
b) howell jolly bodies
c) hemoglobin
d) cytoplasm

If a person has a hgb of 8.7 g/dL, what do you expect the hct to be?
a) 23.1 - 29.1%
b) 5.7 - 11.7%
c) 28.2 - 34.2%
d) 27 - 32%

The qualitative method of measuring hemoglobin by using a cylinder of copper sulfate is the __________________ method
a) cyanmethemoglobin
b) specific gravity
c) hemiglobincyanide
d) drabkins

An example of an instrument used in POL's to measure hgb.
a) BP Cuff
b) none of the above
c) HemoCue
d) Glucometer

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