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This river is the border for Jordan and Israel
a) Jordan River
b) Tigris River
c) Euphrates River
d) Arabian River

This Sea is North of Turkey
a) Black Sea
b) Red Sea
c) Mediterrian Sean
d) Arabian Sea

This Sea is very high in Salt concentration
a) Dead Sea
b) Red Sea
c) Mediterrian Sea
d) Arabian Sea

This man made waterway conects two major seas, the Red and the Med.
a) Suez canal
b) Tigris Canal
c) Euphrats Canal
d) Suez River

This sea seperates Egypt and Israel
a) Red Sea
b) Arabian Sea
c) Persian Gulf
d) Strait of Hormuz

This piece of water connects the Persian gulf and Arabian Sea
a) Starit of Hormuz
b) Suez Canal
c) Persian Canal
d) Tigris Strait

This Sea is above Iran
a) Caspian Sea
b) Tigris Sea
c) Suez Sea
d) Arabian Sea

This sea is above Egypt
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) Suez sea
c) Arabian Sea
d) Caspian Sea

This river is farther west in Iraq
a) Euphrates River
b) Tigris River
c) Strait of Hormuz
d) Black River

This piece of water borders many countries like Kuwait, Iran and Iraq
a) Persian Gulf
b) Suez Canal
c) Tigris Sea
d) Black Sea

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