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Name the six flags that have flown over Texas
a) Spanish, French, Canada, Texas, United States
b) Spanish, French, Mexican, Republic, Confederate, United STates
c) Spanish, England, Italy, Republic, United States
d) Spanish, French, Texas, Confederate, United states

What is the state bird
a) Blue Jay
b) Robin
c) Eagle
d) Mockingbird

Name the state flower
a) Rose
b) Tulip
c) Bluebonnet
d) Sunflower

What is the state motto
a) Respect
b) Friendship
c) Trust
d) Every thing is bigger in texas

What is the state tree
a) Cherry
b) Pecan
c) Apple
d) Pear

What is the state dish
a) Burger
b) BBQ
c) Chilli
d) Steak

Name the three rivers that form boundaries for Texas
a) Red River, Rio Grande, Sabine
b) Mississippi, Rio Grande, Sabine
c) Long river, Short river, Sabine river
d) Canadian River, Red River, Sabine

What is the largest city in Texas?
a) Amarillo
b) Houston
c) Austin
d) San Antonio

What is our state song?
a) Amarillo by morning
b) Texas our Texas
c) Friendship
d) Ole' Texas

What is the state fish?
a) Guadalupe Bass
b) Trout
c) Catfish
d) Goldfish

What is the nickname of Texas?
a) Big State
b) Best State
c) Lone Star State
d) Red white and blue state

What foreign country touches Texas?
a) Canada
b) Cuba
c) Mexico
d) Oklahoma

What is the highest mountain in Texas?
a) Pikes Peak
b) Rocky Top
c) Guadalupe Peak
d) Mt. Everest

What is the state capital?
a) Amarillo
b) Lubbock
c) Houston
d) Austin

What is the state sport?
a) Baseball
b) Football
c) Rodeo
d) Soccer

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