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Which biblical story does Fanny mention when speaking to Charlie about his resignation?
a) Moses and the promised land
b) Adam and Eve
c) Noah and the ark
d) Daniel and the lions' den

Charlie was a _____________ at the factory.
a) Mechanic
b) Janitor
c) Secretary
d) Truck driver

Who else has received the same operation as Charlie?
a) Dr Nemur
b) Miss Kinnian
c) Dr Strauss
d) Algernon

Charlie's operation will increase his intelligence from _______ to ______.
a) 68;204
b) 75;134
c) 68;308
d) 68;146

Charlie reads the book ____________ with Miss Kinnian.
a) The Scarlet Letter
b) Swiss Family Robinson
c) Robinson Crusoe
d) The Jungle Book

Charlie is a(n) _____________.
a) dynamic character
b) static character
c) dramatic character
d) allusion

A simile uses ______________.
a) like
b) as
c) like or as
d) neither like nor as

Charlie's doctors' names are ________ __________.
a) Reilly and Carp
b) Nemur and Kinnian
c) Strauss and Reilly
d) Nemur and Strauss

A(n) ______________ is a reference to a real work of literature, person, place, etc.
a) subplot
b) parallel episode
c) dramatic irony
d) allusion

The story alludes to the biblical story of _________________.
a) David and Goliath
b) Adam and Eve
c) Noah's Ark
d) Moses

How old is Charlie?
a) 37
b) 38
c) 47
d) 50

Charlie is going to ____________ at the end of the story
a) Las Vegas
b) New York
c) Washington DC
d) Chicago

Which the following sentences DOES NOT use an allusion.
a) He really thinks he is an Einstein, doesn't he?
b) Charlie throws the book Paradise Lost across the room.
c) No one thought the hurricane was going to be that deadly.
d) He is as strong as Hercules.

A dynamic character ____________.
a) does something unexpected
b) Knows something the reader does not
c) stays the same
d) changes

Which of the following is an example of a subplot in Flowers for Algernon?
a) Charlie's relationship with Miss Kinnian
b) Charlie's desire to be intelligent
c) Charlie's operation
d) Charlie's educational progress

Which of the following is an example of a parallel episode in Flowers for Algernon?
a) Charlie's operation
b) Charlie's trips to the bar with Joe and Frank
c) Charlie rearranging the machine
d) Charlie quitting his job

What is the MAIN reason Charlie a good candidate for the surgery according to Dr Strauss?
a) He wants to please Miss Kinnian
b) He has no family to stop him
c) He is motivated
d) He has a low IQ

Which of the following is an example of a metaphor?
a) Her smile was like warm sunshine.
b) Her smile was warm sunshine.
c) Her smile was as warm as sunshine.
d) Her smile was warm like sunshine.

Which of the following is an example of situational irony?
a) The reader knows that Frank and Joe are not friends to Charlie
b) The reader knows Charlie's coke has alcohol in it
c) Charlie saves his boss $10,000, but he only gets a $25 bonus
d) The reader knows that Joe and Frank lie to Charlie

What is dramatic irony?
a) Something that happens that is unexpected
b) When a character says something they do not mean
c) When the reader knows something the character doesn't
d) Something that happens more than once in a story

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