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To change the appearance of text or other elements: such as changing the color or adding a border
a) format
b) change
c) alter
d) shade

A menu that displays pictures instead of plain text options.
a) gallery
b) display
c) toolbar pane
d) task pane

Wingdings, Times New Roman, and Arial are all examples of ___________________ -A complete set of characters in a specific design, style and size.
a) font
b) style
c) characters
d) symbols

A feature of Microsoft Office that shows you how a command will affect the selection before you actually select the command.
a) live preview
b) backstage preview
c) print layout view
d) screentip

A Ribbon tab that is only available in a certain context or situation. Example could be the SHAPE TOOLS tab that appears when one clicks on a shape
a) contextual tab
b) situation pane
c) gallery
d) menu

A type of command that can be switched off or on. An example is when you click the BOLD button on and off
a) toggle
b) live preview
c) format changes
d) caps lock

A feature of Microsoft Office 2013 from which you access file and program management commands. You see this when you click the FILE tab
a) backstage view
b) navigation task pane
c) layout view
d) stacked view

a list of commands or choices
a) menu
b) shortcut
c) toolbar
d) document area

The flashing vertical line that indicates where the next action will occur.
a) insertion point
b) cursor
c) arrow thingy
d) scroll bar

To duplicate a selection in which the original remains unchanged.
a) copy
b) cut
c) paste
d) cook

In Microsoft Windows 7 and above, a location where you can view files and folders that are actually stored in other locations on your computer system.
a) library
b) sub folder
c) hard drive
d) ROM

To delete a selection from its original location and move it to the Clipboard.
a) cut
b) copy
c) paste
d) scrapbook

A picture used to identify an element on-screen, such as a toolbar button.
a) icon
b) screentip
c) ribbon
d) shortcut menu

If you had a large folder and wanted to send it to someone. You would want to ______________ it to make it smaller
a) compress
b) expand
c) save
d) format

A location on a disk where you can store files.
a) folder
b) navigation pane
c) task pane
d) cd

all of your documents need to be saved in
a) the home drive
b) the hard drive
c) the flash drive
d) the pictures folder

Which of the following would a volleyball coach not use Microsoft Office to accomplish?
a) writing a letter to parents using Microsoft Powerpoint
b) Creating a database of statistics using Microsoft Access
c) Making a chart of the most aces using Microsoft Excel
d) Create a flyer to post around school using Microsoft Word

if you have chosen not to save a document, you can not recover it afterwards
a) false
b) true
c) baloney
d) maybe

the _____________ bar is located at the top of the office screen and gives the name of your document
a) title
b) task
c) scroll
d) tool

Which of the following is NOT an important consideration when saving a document?
a) save it using a short name
b) save it in the right place
c) save it with a specific name
d) use SAVE and SAVE AS appropriately so you don't end up with many copies of same file

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