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Something new used in weapons
a) gunpowder
b) astrolabe
c) caravel
d) compass

Small ship invented in Portugal
a) caravel
b) astrolabe
c) compass
d) gunpowder

person who works for his freedom
a) indentured servant
b) slave
c) Native American
d) missionary

economy based on princes owning land
a) feudalism
b) communism
c) capitalism
d) mercantilism

people who would convert Native Americans to Christianity
a) Missionaries
b) slaves
c) indentured servants
d) none of the above

A tariff is a tax on a(n) __________.
a) import
b) export
c) people
d) land

an economy where people buy and sells good freely.
a) market economy
b) mercantilism
c) socialism
d) communism

social class with the rise of capitalism.
a) middle
b) serfs
c) nobles
d) clergy

economy based on private ownership
a) capitalism
b) socialism
c) communism
d) mercantilism

An area of land controlled by another country is a colony.
a) true
b) false

economic system that used colonies for natural resources
a) mercantilism
b) communism
c) socialism
d) capitalism

Someone who works against their will.
a) slave
b) indentured servant
c) Native American
d) missionary

tool used to measure latitude with the sun and stars
a) astrolabe
b) compass
c) caravel
d) gunpowder

tool used to show navigation
a) compass
b) astrolabe
c) caravel
d) gunpowder

Which area was NOT part of the triangle of trade
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) The Americas
d) Europe

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