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Which guideline infraction can result in a decrease in your grade and/or disciplinary actions taken against you?
a) No horseplay
b) Do not remove chemicals from the lab.
c) You must wear goggles, aprons, and gloves if you are instructed to do so.
d) All of them!!

Which of the following safety rules is NOT true?
a) You are allowed to locate and get extra materials in the storage closet for your group.
b) You are not allowed to touch any items that are out unless instructed to do so.
c) You are not allowed to wander to other groups during build time and lab days.
d) You should never allow a chemical to be near your mouth. No eating or drinking during chemical lab days.

Which of the following lab safety rules is NOT true?
a) When using scalpels, scissors, and other sharp objects you should keep your hands away from the sharp ends.
b) Carry sharp objects with the tips down and away.
c) Treat all biological specimens respectfully.
d) When you finish the lab feel free to create your own experiments with the materials given.

Which of the following safety equipment/items are readily available to use in this room?
a) fire blanket and eye wash station
b) eye wash station and emergency shower
c) fire blanket and fire extinguisher
d) emergency shower and fire extinguisher

When using a Bunsen burner you should exercise all of the following cautions except
a) Keep the opening of the container pointed toward you so that you can watch for chemical changes.
b) Light the Bunsen burner at an arm's length.
c) Never leave a flame unattended for any reason.
d) Point the container that is being heated away from you and others.

What should you do with unused chemicals?
a) Return them to the correct container.
b) Throw them into the trash.
c) Pour them down the sink.
d) Wait for and follow the teacher's instructions on all chemical disposal.

Which of the following is a task that you should never do with a heated container?
a) Pick it up with your hands.
b) Pick it up with clamps.
c) Pick it up with gloves or mitts.
d) Test the temperature of the contents.

Which of the following clothing safety rules is NOT True?
a) You should not wear opened toed shoes when handling sharp objects.
b) When you are using a flame you should always tie long hair back.
c) Do not wear baggy clothing or jewelry during labs that involve chemicals.
d) You should directly sniff all chemicals to determine if they are safe or not.

What should you do if you break glassware?
a) Mind your manners, and clean it up.
b) Walk away and hope no one notices.
c) Tell the teacher, and allow them to clean it up.
d) Sweep it out of the way so that no one steps on it.

Which of the following statements IS true?
a) You should never place hot glassware onto a lab table or into cold water.
b) You will need to tie your hair back for ALL labs we complete.
c) You are permitted to go over to another group to help them if they are unsure of what they are doing.
d) If you break glassware, you should clean it up immediately before anyone gets hurt.

What should you do if you get hurt during lab?
a) Toughen up and deal with it.
b) Tell the teacher immediately.
c) Give it a day or two, and if it doesn't feel better by then you'll tell the teacher.
d) Go to the office immediately and tell the secretary.

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