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The safety symbol that represents you will be working with poisonous or toxic chemicals is
a) a broken test tube
b) a scull and crossbones
c) goggles
d) gloves

The symbol that tells you that you will be working with glass that might break is a
a) broken test tube
b) a bottle with fumes coming out of it
c) gloves
d) goggles

A symbol that represents a possible danger to the eye
a) goggles
b) apron
c) broken test tube
d) apron

This symbol means take care when using substances that could stain or burn clothing
a) test tube with fumes coming out of it
b) apron
c) goggles
d) fire with a do not symbol over it

your lab partner accidentally burns his hand while using the hotplate, the proper first aid response would be to
a) wrap him in a fire blanket and smother him
b) lead him to the safety shower and douse him with water
c) apply cold water to the wound and call the teacher
d) panic and run for the fire extinguisher

A substance is heated in a test tube. The open end of the test tube should be pointed toward
a) no one
b) yourself
c) the teacher
d) your lab partner

A student is allergic to a substance used in an activity. What should the student do?
a) wear gloves
b) tell another student
c) take some medication
d) tell the teacher

At your work station, you find a bottle of chemicals with no label. You need to
a) give it to your teacher
b) look inside to tell what it is
c) throw it away
d) sniff to tell what it is

Safety goggles and an apron must be worn when handling chemicals labeled corrosive because they
a) may stain clothes
b) react with the skin
c) are difficult to pour
d) are highly flammable

Before beginning a lab, students with long hair should
a) comb their hair
b) tie their hair back
c) ask their teacher what to do
d) ask their partner to do the lab

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