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Imaginary lines that run east and west on a globe; called parallels
a) axis
b) longitude
c) hemisphere
d) latitude

One half of a sphere, especially of the Earth
a) hemisphere
b) prime meridian
c) equator
d) continent

Imaginary line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole at 0 degrees longitude
a) South Pole
b) equator
c) latitude
d) prime meridian

Northernmost point on Earth; located at 90 degrees North latitude
a) South Pole
b) North Pole
c) hemisphere
d) equator

Imaginary lines that run north and south on a globe; also called meridians
a) continents
b) latitude
c) longitude
d) axis

Imaginary centerline, around which the Earth rotates
a) South Pole
b) North Pole
c) axis
d) hemisphere

Imaginary line that runs around the center of the Earth; location at 0 degrees latitude
a) equator
b) prime meridian
c) continents
d) North Pole

Southernmost point on Earth; located at 90 degrees latitude
a) North Pole
b) South Pole
c) equator
d) ocean

A large body of salt water that surrounds a continent
a) axis
b) continents
c) equator
d) oceans

Seven large land masses on Earth
a) oceans
b) North Pole
c) continents
d) South Pole

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