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Jeffersonian Republicans strongly supported
a) States Rights
b) Commerce
c) Industry
d) Centralized government

What was the "revolution of 1800?"
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) Political victory of the Republicans
c) Rebellion by angry farmers
d) rebellion by angry farmers

Sacajawea was Indian
a) assistant to Lewis and Clard
b) prophet in the Northwest
c) military leader in the Mississippi Territory
d) interpreter for Anthony Wayne

The immediate result of the Chesapeake affair was
a) The Embargo Act
b) War of 1812
c) Macon's Bill number Two
d) Louisiana Purchase

During wat British attack did an American general surrender his entire force without a fight?
a) raid on Washington
b) advance of New Orleans
c) bombardment of Fort McHenry
d) siege of Detroit

The Batle of _____ was an astounding victory by a makeshift American fleet.
a) New Orleans
b) the Thames
c) Lake Erie
d) Bladenburg

Who was America's popular president during the Era of Good Feelings?
a) John Quincy Adams
b) James Monroe
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) John Adams

What treaty established a permanently disarmed region on America's northern border?
a) Adams-Onis Treaty
b) Treat of Ghent
c) Treaty of Fort Greenvile
d) Rush-Bagot Treaty

What event led to the death of the Federalist party?
a) Hartgord Convention
b) Embargo Act
c) Macon's Bill Number Two
d) Chesapeake affair

What well-designed fort prevented the British from capturing Baltimore?
a) Greenvile
b) McHenry
c) Scott
d) Vincennes

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