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What is the most likely explanation for what the NET in the term NETIQUETTE stands for?
a) netting
b) internet
c) dragnet
d) fishnet

In which situation would the rules of digital etiquette apply?
a) Standing in line in a crowded computer store
b) Picking the rigntone for you new cell phone
c) Sending an email to your grandmother
d) Sending a birthday card to your cousin

You should use digital etiquette if you're writing on
a) a chalkboard
b) a bulletin board
c) a whiteboard
d) a message board

Which of the following children is most likely to practice good digital etiquette?
a) A boy who always says PLEASE and THANK YOU.
b) A boy who never covers his mouth when he coughs
c) A girl who always laughs when a classmate gives a wrong answer
d) A girl who always says the first thing that pops into her mind

Why might an anonymous Internet poster feel bold enough to say mean things in response to a blog post?
a) She can make more friends if she says mean things.
b) She knows her friends will recognize her and think better of her.
c) She can say mean things and not worry about retaliation.
d) She can impress older, smarter people with her remarks.

How is flaming similar to heckling?
a) Both take place only on the Internet
b) Both take place at sporting events
c) Both use hurtful and insulting words to attack other people
d) Both are examples of positive reinforcement

What's the best way to test your mom to tell her you'll be an hour late for dinner?
a) b there in 60, cu l8r!
c) I'll be home in an hour. See you later!
d) im running late be there in an hour

Which of the following statements about communicating via the Internet is correct?
a) It can be difficult to understand whether someone is using humor.
b) If you chat via instant messaging, your conversation is private.
c) It is best to use as man text abbreviations as possible.
d) It's impossible to discover an Internet user's real-life identity.

Which if these emotions is the most likely to be triggerd in a flamewar?
a) Nausea
b) Boredom
c) Happines
d) Anger

What can you infer about the rule of asking permission before posting something like a photo of your friends online?
a) If you take a photograph, it is yours to do with as you please.
b) Information about your friends--including photographs--is private.
c) It's illegal to post pictures online without permission rom people in the pictures.
d) You should always avoid posting images on the Internet.

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