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Which river is the main source of water for Israel, Jordan and parts of Syria?
a) The Tigris River
b) The Euphrates river
c) The Jordan River
d) The Mississippi River

Which body of water was man-made by the French, is 120 miles long, connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and helps to transport goods to 3 continents?
a) The Suez Canal
b) The Panama Canal
c) The Arabian Sea
d) The Gaza Strip

All of the countries in the Middle East that produce oil depend on this physical feature to transport/ship their oil and this body of water is located between the country of Iran and the Arabian Peninsula, which is it?
a) Persian Gulf
b) Suez Canal
c) Gaza Strip
d) The Red Sea

Which body of water is a narrow waterway located at the end of the Persian Gulf that all ships coming in or out of the Persian Gulf must navigate through?
a) The Persian Gulf
b) The Mediterranean Sea
c) The Strait of Hormuz
d) The Suez Canal

Which choice below is NOT an affect that location has on a society's economy?
a) economy
b) culture
c) development
d) population

Which body of water lies between Africa and Asia?
a) The Red Sea
b) The Tigris River
c) The Arabian Sea
d) The Mediterranean Sea

This physical feature has been politically unstable for roughly 60 years and has experienced many outbreaks of violence , is densely populated and located along the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, which is it?
a) The Strait of Hormuz
b) The Gaza Strip
c) Turkey
d) Israel

Which country used to be known as Persia?
a) Israel
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Iran
d) Turkey

Which country does the Tigris and Euphrates River originate from?
a) Israel
b) Turkey
c) Syria
d) Saudi Arabia

The countries that share these two rivers have had problems over how the water should be shared. What are the names of those two rivers?
a) The Tigris and Jordan Rivers
b) The Euphrates River and Strait of Hormuz
c) The Tigris River and Suez Canal
d) The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

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