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feeling badly
a) misluck
b) mistake
c) miserable
d) mislead

to send positive thoughts onto someone
a) enroll
b) endanger
c) encourage
d) enlighten

I truly ______ reading and I hope that I can instill that passion in you!
a) enroll
b) endanger
c) encourage
d) enjoy

a) celebrating 100 years
b) insect with 100 legs
c) 1/100 of a meter
d) 100 years

The insects that freak me out the most are ____________.
a) centennials
b) centuries
c) centipedes
d) centiliters

a) to bring into the dark
b) to cause inisghtfulness
c) to bring into a group setting
d) to cause greatness

a) guide someone in a wrong direction
b) make a bad decision
c) bad choices
d) use a bad paper

You use _____________ to measure volume.
a) centimeters
b) centiliters
c) centigrams
d) centigrades

I often ________ my coffee cup.
a) misplace
b) mistake
c) mislead
d) misbehave

a) to complete a task again
b) to use again
c) to decoarte again
d) to make something new again

a) to use again
b) to look at or check again
c) to vote an elected official into office again
d) to tie something again

Please do not make me ________ myself!
a) revive
b) reuse
c) reelect
d) repeat

Please _________ your library books if you haven't finished reading them.
a) revisit
b) recycle
c) rechart
d) renew

I strictly ________ my No Bullying rule.
a) enjoy
b) enforce
c) endanger
d) enclose

If you __________, you'll have to spend recess with me.
a) mistake
b) misbehave
c) mislead
d) misjudge

1/100 of a liter
a) centiliter
b) centigram
c) centigrade
d) centimeter

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