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After your paper has been proofread, _________ any areas that need improvement.
a) retype
b) renew
c) refund
d) recycle

Please _________ your library books if you haven't finished reading them.
a) revisit
b) recycle
c) rechart
d) renew

Make sure you ________ your test before handing it in.
a) renew
b) recheck
c) reelect
d) refund

President Obama was __________ for a second term.
a) revisited
b) reelected
c) renewed
d) recycled

Please _________ your story because it was a great story!
a) reinvest
b) retell
c) renew
d) recycle

It is very important to __________ to help save the Earth.
a) revisit
b) renew
c) retract
d) recycle

Please do not make me ________ myself!
a) revise
b) renew
c) retest
d) repeat

Reader's Theater scripts need to be ____________.
a) reused
b) rehearsed
c) recycled
d) revisited

My shoelaces came untied, so I need to ________ them.
a) renew
b) retie
c) retest
d) reuse

I can't wait to _________ Jamaica.
a) recycle
b) retest
c) renew
d) revisit

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