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To measure the weight of something very small, you would use a ___________.
a) centipede
b) centennial
c) centiliter
d) centigram

The insects that freak me out the most are ____________.
a) centennials
b) centipedes
c) centuries
d) centigrams

Most countries use the __________ to measure length.
a) centigram
b) centigrade
c) centimeter
d) centiliter

A measure of the temperature that we don't often use is the _____________.
a) centigrade
b) centmeter
c) centiliter
d) centigram

The Roman Army often had _________ who had fought in many wars.
a) centipedes
b) centurions
c) centurys
d) centigrades

A penny is worth 1 _______.
a) centiliter
b) century
c) centennial
d) cent

A new _______ starts every 100 years.
a) centennial
b) centigram
c) century
d) cent

The United States celebrated it's __________ in 1976.
a) centennial
b) century
c) centpede
d) centurion

You use _____________ to measure volume.
a) centigrams
b) centipedes
c) centiliters
d) centimeters

To find 10 squared, you would __________ it.
a) centuple
b) century
c) centennial
d) centepede

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