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Which of the following is step #3 of the scientific method?
a) Collect and interpret data
b) ask a question
c) draw a conclusion
d) design an experiment

_____________ is the way of learning about the natural world.
a) Inferring
b) hypothesis
c) science
d) data

Which type of scientists would study the solid earth, including rock samples?
a) rockologist
b) geologists
c) meteorologists
d) geology

______________ is using any of your 5 senses to gather information.
a) observing
b) data
c) inferring
d) science

Which type of science is the study of oceans?
a) astronomy
b) oceanographer
c) oceanography
d) oceanologist

When you are ____________, you are explaining or interpreting things that you observe.
a) data
b) inferring
c) variable
d) observing

What do meteorologist study?
a) meteors
b) planets and stars
c) Earth's atmosphere
d) the environment

________________ is the height above sea level.
a) elevation
b) relief
c) plateau
d) mountain

Which of the following is step #5 of the scientific method?
a) draw a conclusion
b) ask a question
c) collect and interpret data
d) design and experiment

A ______________ is a educated guess or a possible explanation.
a) Data
b) hypothesis
c) inference
d) observation

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