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What would you use a hand lens to do?
a) look at small objects
b) measure mass
c) measure volume
d) measure length

To view the smallest organisms you would use what?
a) Hand lens
b) Compound Light Microscopes
c) Eyes
d) Electron Microscopes

What does a ruler measure?
a) Length or distance
b) Volume
c) Mass
d) Weight

What does a thermometer measure?
a) Distance
b) Temperature
c) Mass
d) Weight

What does a Graduated cylinder and Beaker measure?
a) Temperature
b) Mass
c) Volume
d) Weight

What does a Pan Balance measure?
a) Distance
b) Volume
c) Mass
d) Time

What does a Spring Scale measure?
a) Length
b) Data
c) Weight
d) Volume

What does a stopwatch measure?
a) Time
b) Length
c) Mass
d) Volume

What does a Microscope do?
a) Measures weight
b) Measures volume
c) Magnifies small objects
d) Organizes data

What does a telescope/binoculars do?
a) Measure mass
b) Measure distance
c) Reveal faraway objects
d) Measures Temperature

What is the formula to find Density?
a) Density = Mass/Volume
b) Volume = Density/Mass
c) Mass = Density/Volume
d) Density = Volume/Mass

Which of the following tools should be used to measures the volume of fluid?
a) Graduated cylinder
b) Pan balance
c) Computer
d) Stopwatch

Which of these would a hand lens be useful for studying?
a) The growth of a tree
b) The behavior of a squirrel
c) A bird's feather
d) The density of a rock

You want to compare the masses of two different mineral samples. Which of the following tools would be most useful?
a) Pan balance
b) Spring Scale
c) Thermometer
d) Graduated Cylinder

You want to know whether adding sugar changes the temperature at which water freezes. Which of the following tools would NOT be useful for studying this?
a) Pan balance
b) Thermometer
c) Miroscope
d) Beaker

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