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What type of rock forms from heat and pressure?
a) metamorphic
b) sedimentary
c) igneous
d) sandstone

What type of rock forms from compaction and cementation?
a) sandstone
b) granite
c) obsidian
d) marble

What type of rock is formed from explosive volcanos?
a) extrusive igneous
b) intrusive igneous
c) contact metamorphic
d) regional metamorphic

Where are fossils most likely found?
a) limestone
b) conglomerate
c) granite
d) slate

Dolomite forms from mineral precipatates cemented and compacted. Where does dolomite form?
a) deep under the sea
b) deep under the surface of the earth
c) from volcanic action
d) alone a sea shore

According to the ESRT, what type of rocks are found on Mt. Marcy?
a) intensely metamorphosed
b) devonian ages igneous rocks
c) shale and sandstones
d) dominantly sedimentary

According to the ESRT, What minerals make up granite?
a) Potassium feldspar, quartz, biotite, and amphibole
b) olivine only
c) Pyroxene, feldspare, anf olivine
d) Plagioclase feldspare, biotite, and amphibole

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that formed from what type of sedimentary rock?
a) sandstone
b) coal
c) limestone
d) shale

How does vesicular basalt form?
a) quick cooling lava from explosive volcanos
b) heat and pressure from magma intrusions
c) mineral precipates deep in the sea
d) slow cooling magma deep within the earth

How does coal form?
a) slowly decaying plant material (peat) are trapped between layers of rock and compressed
b) precipitates of shell fragments are cemented together
c) high grade metamorphic minerals are segregated into bands
d) santa makes it at the north pole for bad girls and boy who don\'t study for Earth Science test

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