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The word epitome means...
a) an opposite
b) a main cause
c) a perfect model
d) a dinner

The word encounter means...
a) a thought
b) a dinner
c) a meeting
d) great fear

The word eccentric means...
a) ordinary
b) odd
c) careful
d) lazy

The word antagonist means...
a) an example
b) a supporter
c) an enemy
d) great fear

The word animosity means...
a) strong dislike
b) admiration
c) great fear
d) uncaring

The word amoral means...
a) lazy
b) an enemy
c) lacking ethical principles
d) cowardly

The word amiable means...
a) uncaring
b) intelligent
c) good-natured
d) cowardly

Th word adamant means...
a) firm
b) flexible
c) ordinary
d) uncertain

The word absolve means...
a) to accuse
b) to clear of guilt
c) to inform
d) a thought

The word malign means...
a) to praise
b) to recognize
c) to accuse
d) to speak ill of

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